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CSC: safety is a teamwork

CSC, company manufacturing for Veroni for more than 20 years, has purchased the commercial company: today, it's the leader group in Italy and Europe in the field of building equipment and yard safety.

In 1983 Edoardo Barletta started his metal structural work business in the Correggio area.

In 1989 he broadened the productive surface and invested in new technological resources, extending the sheet pressing machinery and purchasing systems for robotized welding and CNC machines.

He started producing car accessories, then moved to the sector of accident prevention, a true cutting edge for this company: temporary fencing, edge protection systems and other protection equipment in the building field.

The company of Edoardo Barletta, aided by his children Federico and Fabiana in his commitment, is nowadays a complete productive fact; pieces are made starting from the raw material, then sheared, pressed, automatically assembled and then surface treated, always complying with the norms in force through an entirely Italian process, from processing the raw material to finishing a product that is treated exclusively in Italy.

In June 2010 C.S.C. srl has taken over the company srl and this merging of the two companies has integrated the production of accident preventing edge protection systems with their marketing in Italy and abroad.

The company

C.S.C. srl currently has a covered surface of approx. 10,000 sq.m. In the Italian entrepreneurial scenario, today C.S.C. stands as an expression of cleverness and high commitment in the use of resources, for correctly interpreting the market.

C.S.C. S.r.l. is a company producing, manufacturing and marketing building equipment still following - after so many years of activity- its path within industrial logic that privilege technology and the steady increase of the offer ranges.
The company is TÜV certified according to UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 - Certificate no. 50 100 10267. 

The production

Among the main productive ranges - permanent fall protection systems, collective temporary protection systems and building equipment in general - the core sector of yard safety stands out: anchor lines (linee vita) and the 2011 new range of permanent edge protection systems.


You can ask for the design and supply of permanent anchor line systems through the retail stores all over Italy. Non-deformable anchors are indeed the solution for the increasingly higher demand for collective fall protection systems according to UNI EN 795.


An anchor line in 18-m kit for scaffold assembly and disassembly with CE marking and complying with UNI EN 795.


Temporary head protection systems complying with the European norm UNI EN 13374 and certified by I.S.P.E.S.L., Italian National Institute for Prevention and Safety at Work in Rome.

C.S.C.offers a wide range of temporary protection systems: for plane or sloped concrete slabs, for wooden covers with front or side beam clamping, for vertical stringcourses, walking board protection devices, that can be vertically and horizontally plugged, with underroof tile plate, with mould supporting shelf for concrete castings or to reinforce the casting.


C.S.C. offers to the market a range of products adapting to the operator's needs: from spring rules to angle squares,from safety pulleys with supportingshelves, safety hooks and ropes, multipurpose pedestals, and moreover clamps, step-assemblers, coupling steps, centrings for arches, anchors for scaffolds, bucket-holders and everything a builder needs in the yard.


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