Ancor line production
Free preliminary design hypothesis, on site inspections if required, certified products according to current regulations and training courses for technicians and operators on site
All the quality of an entirely Italian production
Safety on the construction site
Fall protection systems for on-site safety: lifelines, permanent parapets, temporary and self-supporting parapets, cage ladders and construction equipment
Shipping throughout Europe with express service
Collective fall protection systems
Provisional protection railings - according to EN 13374,
permanent - Technical Standards for Building NTC2008, and self-supporting

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discover all the new CSC products , the new anchor lines, edge protection systems, tools and equipments.

  Non deformable Anchor Line +

Non-Deformable Line

The certainty of the installation of a Non-Deformable anchor line with non-deformable and maintenance reduced to only cables and accessories...


  Anchor Line Combo +

Anchor Line Combo

The right compromise between the robustness of a pole foam and the aesthetics of a thin line.(System in class A1-A2 and C according to EN 795)


  Light Anchor Line +

Light Anchor Line

Aesthetics and costs first: thin poles and visual impact and reduced costs. (EN 795 UNI 11578 tipo C)


  Small Anchor Line +

Small Anchor Line

Anchor line with low aesthetic impact ideal monuments, structures of historical or artistic interest.
(EN 795 UNI 11578 tipo C)


  Help Anchor Line +

Help Anchor Line

Anchor line for corrugated sheets and sandwich panels. (Type A and C systems according to EN 795 UNI 11578)


  Anchor Line Accessories +

Anchor Line Accessories

Heat sinks, divider plates, counterplates, under-hook hooks, ropes kit, cleats.


  Cage Ladders +

Cage Ladders

Aluminum cage ladders, ladder hooks, bridge ladders, ladders and walkways.


  Permanent edge  +

Permanent edge

Permanent and self-supporting edge standard or customized modules and safety accessories.


  Temporary edge +

Temporary edge

Edge protection systems for every need on site.


  Yard Equipment+

Yard Equipment

Technology and innovation at the service of the operator: pulleys, spring rules, trestles, teams, clamps and anything else needed on site.